As a leading company specializing in coach rental on the Tri-City market (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia), we are proud of our effective and modern fleet. Regardless of whether you want to rent an 8-seat minibus or a 67-seat coach, Tri-City experts on coach hire from Dobrucki Company can help you.

Our team dealing with coach hire will help you plan your trip, and thanks to us, the bus rental in the Tri-City will run quite smoothly. Our experts will help you plan an ideal coach trip around the Tricity, the heart of Kashubia – Kościerzyna, Kartuzy or Żukowo, as well as in Poland or Europe, and our drivers with in-depth knowledge of the northern part of Poland will help you carry out your journey.

You will soon arrive at one of the two Tri-City airports? Maybe you will hire a bus to take you to the final destination of your trip?

With so many interesting places in the Tri-City, renting a coach that allows you to reach all these places and see all of them is an ideal solution! If you are going on a one-day tour in the Tri-City, why not hire a bus that will take you to all places in the right style?  Coach rental in the Tri-City is an ideal option to spend a free day in the Tri-City – there are no parking fees and no worries about parking space.


If you organize group trips, Dobrucki Transport Services is everything you need, especially if you are in the area of Gdynia, Gdańsk or Sopot.  We offer a professional and stress-free coach rental service, which helps to avoid any problems you may face when renting coaches somewhere else – when the bus arrives dirty, late or does not show up at all!

Our modern fleet of coaches, equipped with the most modern comfort and safety functions, as well as experienced drivers, allow us to offer you and your group excellent quality at a reasonable price. We know that high quality new vehicles are not always able to beat the rates for basic services provided by older vehicles. However, we believe that all groups deserve high quality, safe and reliable coaches. The feedback we receive from our clients lets us believe that we offer great prices for the highest quality coach hire services.

We look forward to the possibility of adding your group to a long list of satisfied customers, renting coaches in the vicinity of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.


A large fleet of coaches for renting of Dobrucki Company is an easy choice if you need a coach rental in the area of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.  Vehicle sizes start with 16-seat mini-coaches and end with coaches with 67 seats. Facilities such as fold-out seats, air conditioning, DVDs / monitors and refrigerators are in standard, while some coaches have been additionally equipped with toilets, leather seats, mini kitchens, tables and seating areas at the back of the vehicle.

Since many people use the wording bus hire/rental, when in fact they mean renting a coach, we’ve also put this word on our website to help people find our coach rental service. Simply put, a bus is a vehicle used in cities to transport large numbers of people over short distances, offering very simple seats, there are also standing places available; these vehicles are usually low-floor and move at low speed. A coach is in turn a version of the mean of transport for longer routes and has a much more comfortable interior. Characteristic features of the coach include fold-out seats, stairs leading to the zone of seats to sit upright, lack of standing places or air conditioning.  Coaches are also equipped with underfloor luggage compartments.


The service includes:
  • Transfers to the Gdańsk airport
  • Transport from the hotel to the meeting place
  • Evening transport to restaurants / banquets
  • Coordination of transport services for major events
  • Rental services of large coaches, mini-coaches, VIP coaches, limousines and passenger cars are available.

When organizing transport to any event, it is important to cooperate with a company which has extensive experience in this area as it is the guarantee of success.

Dobrucki has the necessary knowledge and is able to ensure a professional image of your event, from the reception of guests from the airport or a hotel to the group’s departure. Our coaches can handle groups of any size. To reduce the burden on the organizers’ side, it is possible to use the services of our transport coordinators who will help in planning and coordinating the event.

We also offer passenger cars and passenger transport as part of our rental services for companies.


The service includes:
  • Transfers to the Gdańsk airport
  • Transport from the hotel to the meeting place
  • Evening transport to restaurants / banquets
  • Coordination of transport services for major events
  • Rental services of large coaches, mini-coaches, VIP coaches, limousines and passenger cars are available.

If you intend to take a tour around different regions of Poland or other countries by coach, Dobrucki provides coaches on many different routes.

We work with groups, tour operators, local and foreign tour organizations, providing groups of different sizes with tour coaches in the Executive, Corporate and VIP classes. In some international markets, this service can operate under the name of chartering tour coaches or chartering tour buses from Poland.


The service includes:
  • One-day school trips
  • Rental for sports events
  • School sightseeing trips around Poland (including few days’ trips)
  • One-day trips to specific places in Poland

The right value for money and safety are among the key elements of the coach and bus services we offer for schools in the Gdynia region. We do not use old buses and coaches that have seen better days and do not skimp on safety, to offer a few zloty of savings per child.

We use modern, safe, reliable coaches, with seats equipped with seat belts to meet the expectations of all the customers renting vehicles in our company.  By renting coaches or buses at Dobrucki you may be sure that you get the best and safest coaches for children in your care.


The service includes:
  • Staff transport
  • Motivational trips
  • Transport to conferences
  • Conference tourism
  • Evening events accompanying conferences
  • VIP coach rental
  • VIP limousine rental

Dobrucki specializes in corporate transport.  We offer our coach rental services to many enterprises in Poland, and also to foreign companies upon request.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In Firma Samochodowa Dobrucki we understand that arranging coach transport can be a stressful thing. Below, there are some common questions and answers.

We briefly describe the steps we take to make passenger transport as safe and reliable as possible.

Customer service

FS Dobrucki’s office is open during normal business hours. You can also contact us via e-mail address and contact form – we will try to answer as soon as possible. In urgent cases, please call us on +48 602 729 193.

The employees of the booking department have extensive knowledge and experience in organizing trips, short and long journeys in Poland and Europe. They will be happy to help you prepare even the most difficult transport tasks that require several or a dozen vehicles.

After accepting our offer, please sign and return the coach booking form or alternatively fill out this form and send it to us. Remember that we need the data of the organizer and the group leader – including contact phone numbers.

After accepting the booking, we will send you confirmation by email or by post, if you wish. If you haven’t received the confirmation, please contact us!

If you need to make changes to the reservation, contact our friendly team to discuss the changes you want to make.

Please inform us as soon as possible if you want to cancel your reservation. We will ask you to do it by e-mail or traditional post.


All our drivers have a driving license entitling them to run any size coach or minibus, as well as a vocational qualification certificate. Of course, they also undergo periodic medical examinations and trainings for professional drivers.

According to the regulations, every driver must undergo a 35-hour training every 5 years. We fully support this requirement, which is why we have also created a special e-learning form of training for all our drivers.

Of course, we carefully choose our drivers. If you’re looking for polite and well-trained drivers with a clean file, you’ve come to the right place. We provide transport services for kindergartens and schools of all types. We bring students to events such as trips, excursions to the theatre or the cinema. We also carry out regular orders such as transporting children to the swimming pool, etc.

All our drivers are healthy and able to drive; they also do not suffer from any condition that would prevent them from driving. Periodically, regardless of the certificates required by law, we examine the eyesight of our drivers.


Safety first! Coaches, minibuses and limousines in our company are always ready to drive and meet all safety requirements.  We offer a wide range of vehicles with different capacities. We offer vehicles taking from 5 up to 67 people. Please contact our sales department, who will advise the best possible vehicle, suitable for the size of the group.

All our coaches, minibuses and limousines have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and air conditioning / forced air circulation. Other facilities such as toilets, DVDs and microphones are available on all buses.

All FS Dobrucki coaches are maintained in excellent technical condition thanks to our own workshop, trained mechanics team and support from equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Every FS Dobrucki’s driver is obliged to carry out a full visual inspection of the vehicle before heading off using the checklist we have developed. All defects are immediately notified to the company management in order to take appropriate action.

Every vehicle of our company is washed and cleaned after returning to the base after each day of work. Our base is equipped with all the equipment needed to keep clean both inside and outside (toilets, coffee bars, etc.) of the vehicle. In addition, during long trips the driver is obliged to keep the vehicle clean.

In the event of unforeseen problems, both drivers and organizers can call +48 602 729 193, the number is available 24/7. Our company has agreements with many other entities throughout Poland, which will provide assistance whenever and wherever needed. On the basis of reciprocity, we also provide assistance to domestic and foreign carriers.


Firma Samochodowa Dobrucki plans the routes according to the wishes of the organizers and passengers with appropriate breaks, bearing in mind the provisions of law and safety rules. The transport manager carefully checks the travel time and plans the routes, breaks and times appropriately to his needs, and allocates the appropriate number of drivers.

Of course, during check-in the driver receives a detailed travel plan containing all the necessary information, including those provided by the customer.

To comply with the regulations, FS Dobrucki has procedures to ensure compliance with the law on drivers’ working time. We save the data on working time of all drivers in our IT system which immediately alerts the dispatcher about a possible problem. We analyse 100% of tachograph records to make sure everything is ok.

Dobrucki Company

Polish carriers must meet certain criteria to be able to carry out professional passenger transport.  We have all the necessary licenses to be able to carry passengers both in the country and abroad.

Two people managing the transport have the necessary certificates of professional competence.

Of course. Both the entire company and individual vehicles are insured at PZU. All passengers are covered with accident insurance.

Dobrucki company has licenses in international and domestic passenger transport. We also have professional competence certificates.

We have almost 30 years of experience in the passenger transport industry. We are a reliable company as evidenced by the obtained certificates and current licenses for international transport.

Our advantages are reliable coaches and experience which we gained methodically during the company’s long-term activity.

Our employees are ready to make every effort to ensure that your journey runs smoothly and safely and that you always reach your destination in a luxurious and punctual way.

We meet all conditions:

We have licenses for domestic and international passenger transport, we are insured (we have all necessary civil liability and accident insurance).

No job will surprise us

We provide transport services for the order of individuals as well as companies and institutions, we have many years of experience in the transport industry.

You can count on us

We work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, we have been operating reliably for many years. The opinions of our clients speak for themselves.